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Our new album "Failures, Fears & Forgiveness" is out on November 24th.

Order your copy now.

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Who we are


Maelføy from Ganderkesee present a powerful blend of Melodic Post-Hardcore, Alternative Rock, and Metalcore. The five-piece group from Northern Germany impresses with versatile vocals, modern guitar sound, and unconventional arrangements. Their songs address interpersonal themes that resonate with many in times of confusion and loneliness.
Maelføy made a strong start in 2023 with their successful song "away". The single gained placements in editorial playlists and paved the way for collaborations with the bands AVALANCHE EFFECT and HOSTAGE on the release of the single "Regrets". This song explores doubts about past decisions while delivering a positive message.
In addition to their previous achievements, Maelføy released the song "Monster In The Mirror" in May 2023, a collaboration with the band ABOUT MONSTERS. The single "Owe You Nothing" followed in July 2023. Both songs made it onto the Spotify Editorial Playlist "All New Metal".
Throughout the year 2023, Maelføy will expand their musical style by incorporating dark, atmospheric rap with deep vocals. This new element adds an additional dimension to their music and enhances their unique sonic aesthetic.
Maelføy already boasts over 2 million Spotify streams and has performed numerous live concerts. The band invites everyone to join them on their musical journey!

“Sensationally high level” -


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