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Burning Crosses (Acoustic)

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Post-Hardcore band Maelføy from Ganderkesee, Northern Germany. We also like acoustic songs and Metalcore riffs. Listen on Spotify!


Maelføy plays Post-Hardcore with Metalcore and Punk influences. The 5 fellows from Ganderkesee, Northern Germany dropped their first single "Brother" on September 1st 2017 and seek to get to the stages of Germany and beyond in the near future. Emotional clean vocals alternate with brutal screams, while the guitars play melodic breakdowns and heavy riffs. A driving drumkit alongside the thick bass lay the fundament for a heavy yet tuneful sound. Diversified songwriting, lots of motivation and most importantly a ton of fun playing live music distinguishes Maelføy from the masses of generic core-bands distinctly. They plan to reach out to the stages of Northern Germany and beyond within the next year. They released their second DIY video for their single “Silent” in August 2018 followed by their five song EP “The World In Chains” in September 2018. Their music is for fans of bands like Beartooth, Being As An Ocean, Alazka, Stray From The Path or Rage Against The Machine. To enhance their musical portfolio they release their very first acoustic song "Lost With You" in July 2019 which has a singer-songerwriter vibe to it. “Lost With You" is followed during later 2019 by the songs "Decay" and “Decisions”, recorded in a professional manner at Mega Blaster Recordings (Timo Bonner/Our Mirage). Early 2020 Maelføy went on tour with fellow musicians Artemis Rising to play 12 shows across Northern Germany and beyond.
Maelføy utilizes a wide variety of musical styles. Acoustic rock is part of their reportoire as well as Metalcore riffs or Post-Hardcore like clean vocals. Over 50 gigs in just over two years of existence show the determination of this heavy yet emotional music quintett from the North of Germany.

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