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Maelf√ły band
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Who we are


Maelføy from Ganderkesee play vocal-driven Melodic Post-Hardcore with influences from Alternative Rock and Metalcore. The five-piece band from Northern Germany remains true to their musical roots in 2022. The band relies on a very diverse mix of frontman Marne's strong and variable vocals, a focus on modern guitar sound as well as clever and Gerne-unusual arrangements. The songs deals with interpersonal topics. Who doesn't sometimes feel lost, lonely or misunderstood in these crazy times? Maelføy's music is for all these people and more.

The high enthusiasm of the debut album Hollow Throne, released in December 2021, and the glossy productions from producer Timo Bonner (Our Mirage & Alleviate) also convinced the German alternative label Uncle M Music in early 2022. The jointly released song coming home, which was accompanied by a large media response, was the starting signal for a new career phase for the band in June 2022. With new music in the bag and a summer full of festivals, the mask followed in September 2022, featuring Aaron Steineker, singer of the befrienden band Rising Insane.

With over 1 million streams on Spotify and many dozens of concerts played, Maelføy is preparing to conquer the hearts of new fans and followers. And everyone is invited to become a part of this journey!


"Sensationally high level" -


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