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Our new album "Failures, Fears & Forgiveness" is out on November 24th.

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Who we are


Having released their sophomore album „Failures, Fears and Forgiveness” recently, described the band’s record as an album “that shall not be overlooked in any metalcore collection of 2023” due to their “modern, honest guitar sound, unconventional arrangements and both, gripping and driving beats” (Metal Hammer Germany).
Founded in 2017, German metalcore band Maelføy are already a well-established name in their national scene. Following their debut “Hollow Throne” in 2021, the band has been constantly featured on Spotify playlists like “All New Metal” and “The Core”. Since then, Maelføy have played festivals as High Flames, Elbriot, Crowdsalat , Traffic Jam and Bilbao-based festival BIME, while promoting the release of their newest album on their very first headline run. Songs like “Facing Failures” and “away” perfectly proof on the band’s versatile sound as well as their astounding state of the art production. In between smashing breakdowns (sometimes heading into heavy deathcore), catchy choruses (á la Being As An Ocean), modern metalcore riffing and even trap beats among German rap music (“Eiskaltes Blut”), the band builds on an overwhelming atmosphere that is omnipresent in their sound. As 2023 easily marks the biggest year of the band so far, they are about to take places from now on, following the successful release of their second album.

“I keep my eyes wide shut and sway
´cause am I fading now, away”


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