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Original Post-Hardcore from Ganderkesee, Germany.

Maelføy from Ganderkesee play vocal-driven Melodic Post-Hardcore with influences from Punk, Metalcore and sometimes even Country. Since the start of the band in September 2017, the five-piece group has already played several dozens of gigs and is eagerly waiting for live music to really come back. Atmospheric clean guitars and heavy riffs as well as the change of clean vocals and screams combine to a unique sound with a clear focus on the peerless vocal capabilities of singer Marne.
Several successful single releases of songs like Solitude, Misery or Evil Within have paved the way in 2021 for something bigger, something the band has never done before. December 17th 2021 saw Maelføy releasing their debut-album Hollow Throne including among others Wear The Crown feat. Timo Bonner (Our Mirage and Alleviate) and Lost Chances feat. Nico Schiesewitz (Breathe Atlantis). A third feature includes Rico Vink of Out of Vision on Devotion. Tracks like Emptiness Inside (loss, parting forever), Everything (lost and unattainable relationships) or Solitude (loneliness, being lost in the crowd) represent a good cross-section of the band's thematic content.
Fans can expect a high musical diversity from rather ambient and slower, almost Rock-ballad kind of tracks to explosive and mosh-heavy Metalcore-anthems. Trusting the musical genius and high quality production of audio engineer Timo Bonner the band promises fans and followers a unique musical experience which will be only the beginning of a brand new chapter for the young band from Northern Germany.

"Sensationally high level" -


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